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  •  Our passion is off road driving and anything off road. It is a lifestyle that is carried over to our training and recovery classes with real world experiences and scenarios.
    We take the training to the trails for real world, trail training that will prepare you for your off-road driving adventures. Having the right tools and equipment mixed with the knowledge is key to a safe and enjoyable experience, creating an ideal way to learn what off road driving and recoveries are about .
    Anything Off-Road is what we do 

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Liz Hayes


 Born and raised in New York. Liz has always enjoyed being outside and always had a knack for getting muddy!  Four years ago she decided to buy her first Jeep, and then her second.  Along with a few friends the JPPL group was born. Now having met some great Jeeple and learning all she can. Teaching others about recovery and wheeling have become a passion she enjoys.  Liz is a Mom to four kids, lives on 10 acres with a lake not far from the Ocala Forest. From time to time her kids enjoy accompanying their mom on rides, at events, and on camping trips in the forest.  She loves to camp, hunt, fish and just be with friends and enjoying nature! Once you get to know her she is full of energy and lots of humor! Watch out for her selfie camera.. she has a knack for getting pictures when ya least expect it. 

Scott Bassett


 Scott joined our Jeep family after he moved here from New Hampshire where he was a carpenter and a firefighter for 20 years.  Scott has always loved helping people and enjoys being an instructor for our Recovery classes for that very reason.  Scott has a daughter who, from time to time, joins him on trail rides, at events and on camping trips.  You might see her snapping some pics during our Recovery classes too! Currently he is an HVAC technician in Lake County.  In his free time, he likes to hang out with his dog Jakes, eat lots of ice cream, have bonfires and relax with friends out camping or just at home.  Scott recently traded his ‘95 YJ for his ‘02 green TJ (Sasquatch).  Keep your eyes peeled because you will probably see him at The Jeep Ranch working as a volunteer or instructing one of our classes! ! 

Renee Birdsong


 Originally from Fort Myers, Florida, Reneé is a self-proclaimed Jeep addict! She went from having no Jeeps at all, to now having a ’99 Cherokee (Babs), a ‘93 YJ (Cherry Bomb) and a ‘17 JKU (Keanu).  All this started when Reneé and her boyfriend, Chris, purchased their first stock Jeep in 2012. Once they started modifying Babs, a whole new world of JEEPING opened up for her, a world she never knew existed! Once she saw what being a Jeep girl was all about, she decided to get a Jeep of her own, her Cherry Bomb! Now, Renee may think Cherry Bomb is waaaaayyyy more experienced than she is, but we have all seen her wheel like a pro! On her Jeeping journey, Reneé has been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to learn from some very knowledgeable and talented people and loves passing that knowledge on to others! She has built her confidence and skills in tackling many obstacles, now knowing she is capable and wants to help others gain this feeling as well!!   In her down time, Reneé enjoys making jewelry, reading and collecting books, and avoiding Liz's selfie camera! She and Chris have 3 crazy cats, Mittens, Sweetie and Smokie, along with a multitude of wild animals that visit their yard, including a Momma deer and her babies, that continue to feel safe and happy visiting them at home. 


Ernie Raeder

Ernie, grew up in NY helping family with a towing and recovery business, graduated from the US Army

Ernie, grew up in NY helping family with a towing and recovery business, graduated from the US Army Airassault, and Signal schools, owner of ER ELECTRIC LLC, has had multiple off road vehicles, loves the outdoors, is an avid hunter, and can or cant often be found, with his daughter, Haley "CHICKAPOO", camping and wheeling, in the Ocala National Forest on a regular basis.  He spends a lot of his time helping his JPPL work on their Jeeps. One of Ernie’s best traits is that he is constantly "thinking outside the box" to find ways to pass his skills on to others.

Chris Giancola


  Chris originally hails from Kentucky but has spent most of his life in Florida. His passion for Jeeps started at a tender young age when he was a passenger in his Aunt’s full-size Cherokee Chief. His first real taste of Jeep life happened when he purchased his first Jeep, a 1988 Cherokee that was mildly altered. An unfortunate turn of events took his precious Jeep away from him.  He would have to suffer the loss of his Jeep life until 2012 when he and his girlfriend, Reneé, bought a ‘99 Jeep Cherokee.  His Cherokee, named Babs, started her life as a stock build, but through time and neverending changes, she is becoming the off-road dream that was awakened when Chris first rode in the Cherokee Chief all those years ago.   Still somewhat new to the Jeeping community, this hasn’t stopped Chris from acquiring many friends and learning skills that he is passing along to his fellow Jeepers. Chris likes to look at things from different angles and new perspectives so he is always keeping us on our toes! He and Renee are happily living with their fur babies, Mittens, Sweetie and Smokie, in Lake County. Chris seems to be a workaholic, but every chance he gets he is out wheeling or working on their Jeeps. 

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